Sleepless Nights

I lay here on my bed
With an ocean of thoughts in my head
Why am I doing this? What is it that comes to my mind, why can’t I sleep?

Maybe it’s all those things that have changed, All those people that have been replaced
Maybe its because I love too much
And expect a lot more, Maybe its because people prefer someone else over me, Because that person has been in a problem, and is gaining sympathy
What do you know?
What do you know about me? About my fears? About my feelings? About my weaknesses & strengths?
Let me tell you this
You’ll never understand me, until you want to .
You’re still a stranger to me, because you fail to notice my heart which is filled with despair
You don’t know how soft hearted I’m from the inside ; because you’re already taking advantage of it
You don’t know how I pretend to smile every day, because I’ve never been happy from the inside
You don’t know how much I fear loosing someone
You don’t know how much effort it takes for me to focus on better things in life; because I haven’t found any

I’m like the caterpillar who is going to transform into a butterfly; so that it can fly
I’m like the waves of the ocean, which washes out the sand castles that are made temporarily
I’m like the clouds, which give rains, and disappear whenever they’re not needed
I’m like the mountains, that stand strong no matter how many storms they face

I’m contented with what I have, but I’m not happy.
I always crave for love, attention & demand.
The love that makes me feel happy
The attention that makes me feel worthy
The demand that makes me feel wanted

You don’t know me.
You don’t.


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