That One Person

Do you meet someone in life and feel that, THIS IS THAT ONE DAMN PERSON.
This is that one person that will understand me,

This is that one person who will regret losing me

This is that one person who will make me happy

This is that one person that makes me feel so comfortable, and better
What do you do then?

Don’t you try and make them happy all the time, and give your 100%?

Don’t you keep a check on them once in 24 hours, especially when they don’t reply instantly, to see whether they’re okay?

Don’t you try to be there instantly when they need you?
But what happens then?

Let me tell you

People change, they find people who make them even happier than you do.

Which makes you feel that you’re not enough for someone.

They hangout with them, give all their time to that person.
I’d never mind my friends making new friends, never.

But what happens when those new friends replace you?
I’ve learnt to let go.

Learnt, not to speak up no matter how bad you’ve felt because they left you when you needed them the most

I’ve learnt, to be with them when they need you, and not expect even one thing in return.
Life isn’t always perfect, but sometimes people in your life are.

But you can’t keep them all the time.

You can’t force someone to be with you.

Don’t chase people.

Be kind enough to help them, but don’t become someone who can be “taken for granted.”

Know your limits to be kind to someone.
Because, you can’t loose your self respect in the process of loving & helping people who don’t love you back.


2 thoughts on “That One Person

  1. Good one.. Keep on writing. Everyday, 10 paragraphs of your OWN, and lot of reading from books and surrounding. At one point, words and pen will be under your control.. they will listen you, and act as per your command, the way you want them to be.

    Liked by 1 person

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