The Indian Society

Welcome to the Indian society, where girls are judged for anything they do.
The Indian Society; where roaming around alone with guys makes me a “chaalu ladki”.
Where, hanging out with girls, and not boys, makes you a “lesbian”
The Indian Society; where wearing a saree & a petticoat which exposes a number of body parts; is termed as “susheel”
And, wearing a pair of jeans & t shirt, which exposes no body part, makes you “ashleel”.
The Indian Society; where boys are treated as the kings
But girls are treated as slaves and not queens
The Indian Society; where learning how to cook is a pre-requisite before you get married,
And education isn’t one of the priorities.
The Indian Society; where no girl’s achievements are appreciated
But when the boy achieves just a small thing, he’s praised
The Indian Society; where getting inked   makes the girl “bold & vulnerable”
The Indian Society; where guys can smoke openly
But when girls smoke, people stop by and look at us

To all the people who judge us,
I’m one of these girls too.
Keep your judgements with you, because I’m going to do what I want to

One last thought to all these people out there:
Respect the mother that carried you for 9 months, and loves you unconditionally even today
Embrace your grandmother who told you stories during bedtime when you couldn’t sleep, and she still does that
Love your sister, because someday she’s going to get married; and you’re
going to miss her more than anything.
So for once, keeping all the orthodox thoughts, and all the male ego aside;
Let a girl work if she loves to work, let her learn how to dance because she might be a born dancer, let her roam alone, because she needs her own space, make her feel safe in the city she lives in, tell her that she’s lot more than a person to you, and tell her that she’s beautiful.
She’s a human too, and deserves all the things she wishes for.
She has all the rights to be free like a bird.
Don’t let her down, don’t discourage her.
Encourage her to be something that makes you & her, both proud.


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