Don’t be too much of yourself 

You want to be alone, be alone.You want a break from people, take it

You want to go away somewhere cause you’re tired of this place, go somewhere.

But, don’t push me away, in the process of being yourself.
People don’t always love you, people don’t always want you to be there, but some people love you, and they want you by their side forever.
Don’t indulge so much in being yourself and finding yourself that you will lose people who really find you perfect.

There’s a limit so everything.

There’s even a limit to being yourself.

Don’t hurt people who’re trying to keep you happy, just because you want your own time.
People will not chase you all the time, once their ego comes in between; they’ll lose their mind, and the relationship will end right there.

There’ll be a time when people will feel that there’s no effort in the relationship from the other side, its just one person trying to call you, to know what’s wrong with you, to know why your eyes look like you’ve cried a thousand rivers, to know why you’re being weird.
You want your own time? Take it, take your own time, go out alone, do whatever you want to.
I’m not going to stop you.

But don’t ignore me, don’t make me feel that I’m the only one trying

Because there’s going to be a day when I will stop trying, stop taking things seriously, lose my temper.
And, I don’t want my ego to end this relationship, because I have always loved you.


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