Moving On

They told me to move on, but I couldn’t

They still tell me to get over it, but I can’t

They tell me to forget it, but I cannot
There are times when I find myself thinking about you so much,

That I have no idea where I am.

There are times when I don’t think about you at all,

Because I have distracted myself completely.
But then; those nights.

Where I can’t sleep,

I can’t sleep asking myself: “What did I not do to keep you happy?”

“Was there anything that hurt you?”

“Or was it someone else, and not me?”
I do not ask these questions to you.

I fear that you’d be angry,

Which would affect this trying-to-be-BestFriends bond of ours.
But, I have to move on.

There comes a time in everybody’s life where they need to get over the fact that someone isn’t going to come back.

You should never wait for things to return,

Especially when they’ve shattered your heart into pieces
You took my heart and pulled it apart

But now this heart, is ready to love

More vigorously, more fearlessly

And when it will again be shattered to pieces,

I still won’t stop loving.

Instead, I will learn,

That this world is a place full of heartless people

And people, who will always show their true colours.

I can always spot the demons inside these people

Even when I try to find angels
But, I will still be here,

Standing tall and strong as a tree

The tree which gives a shelter to the homeless in the sun,

The tree who gives food to the hungry ones.

The tree, which is so firmly holding on to its roots,

That you can’t even try to move it.

And I will be here, standing taller,
Like that tree

Because, people don’t know how many storms that tree has faced.


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