Why do I write?

Writing lets me express my thoughts, my feelings.It lets me explain things I could never say.

Things that I’d never tell people on their faces, because I’m too shy

When I’m angry, it understands my anger, when I vent it out

When I’m sad, it understands that I’m having bad days

When I want to explain things to people, it explains it better than I can personally
I’d prefer texting you, rather than saying things to you face-to-face

Maybe, people say that our generation has forgotten how to be open, and talk face-to-face, but no.

It is, because some people don’t open up in talks, but they vent their heart out while texting
What’s even wrong with it?

At least I vent them out, in another way.

And don’t wait for those feelings to burst like a bomb, some day

I have seen people who would never speak what they feel.

Which, makes them even more depressed, sometimes

When you share things, you feel like you’ve thrown a whole chunk of those heavy, negative thoughts away
I don’t speak, but when I write, I write in a manner that no one can

I write when I’m too pissed.

I write when I’m happy, when the person has made me feel better

I write when I want to cry.

I write, and I will keep writing;

Because painful words from the mouth might hurt,

But my thoughts written down, won’t hurt you unless you get to know that they’re meant for you.


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