“Craving for more,

Not satisfied with what you have,

Makes you soar,

Higher in the skies of greed and selfishness.”


Why do we always have the urge to gain something more?

Why are we not satisfied with what we already have?

Love, lust, power, attention, money, knowledge. These are things that have no limit, and you always want a larger amount of them.


What brings this cupidity in us?

Greed is the tendency to selfish craving, grasping and hoarding.”

When we feel that we have a lesser amount of something than the others do, when we feel that we’re not being perceived as superior than the others, when we tend to get defeated by the insecurities within ourselves, avarice comes into picture.


This one word, tells a thousand things, doesn’t it?

When somebody asks, “What does ‘love’ mean to you?”

I’d say:

“Love is the only thing that makes sense to me. There is nothing in this world that would’ve existed today without the power of love.

If love wasn’t given to us, as a gift by god, imagine how the world would’ve been:

With abhorrence all around us, all of us having nothing but evil intentions to bring each other down, with everybody around us trying to fight more wars, with each other and with themselves. This world would have been the most obnoxious planet to live on.

Love, heals the feeling of hatred. It is like the sea, where you could go deeper in, but you’d never stop. It is like the wind, which keeps blowing and takes all the clouds that bother the sun along with it.

In a similar manner, humans have this power. We could dive into the sea of love and not stop, not stop ever. We could let this wind embrace us, and let it take away all the hatred from our hearts.”


We possess a selfish desire for this magnificent feeling which is love.

We have the love of our parents, the love of our siblings/cousins, the love of our family and the love of our own, for ourselves.

We still crave for the love of a lover, a soul mate.

Aren’t we greedy? Yes, we are.

We crave for this love, because we think we need somebody to help us out in this nasty world, to help us smile when we’re crying, to help us heal those wounds, and to be there like a tree needs its roots to grow.

I do not, crave for this love anymore.

I have become strong enough after facing those storms, hurricanes and cyclones that tried to rip my heart out. I have become fearless because I have fought the ghosts of unwanted thoughts that haunted me every night. I am courageous, because I don’t need someone else to be the roots of my tree, because I have planted the seeds in my ground, for the tree to grow all over again.

I want you to do this. From today. I want you to be so happy and contented, that no one can try to bring those sad thoughts to you. I want you to remind yourself, that you’re the most marvelous creation of god, and the most unique person. There is no one that has the power to love, but you. There is no one who has the power to defeat those insecurities, but you. There is nobody who can scare those ghosts of frightening thoughts away, but you. Yes, you. I want you to know, that I love you, and that I have been where you are, too.

But, don’t you give up, darling. Be stronger, courageous, fearless, loving, caring, kind, unbroken. Love unconditionally, deeply and completely.


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