Don’t miss him 

Don’t miss him when you’re hanging out with your friends In the same place where you both made crazy memories

Don’t miss him when that favourite song turns up, which you’d always dedicated to him

Don’t miss him when it hits you on a Sunday afternoon,

Where you were one month ago, with him, on a similar Sunday afternoon

Don’t miss him when you sit on your terrace, and think about how you both had once been there

Lying under the sky full of stars, holding each other so tight

Don’t miss him when you go to the same movie theatre, where you once sat in a movie, holding hands

Don’t miss him in the passenger’s seat when you drive your car,

Because that seat doesn’t deserve somebody like him

Don’t miss him when you need motivation, or someone’s shoulder to cry upon

Don’t miss him when you find a character in a book or movie just like him

Don’t miss him, when you need love, darling .
This world, this universe, and the people here.

They will try to bring you down. Always.

What matters is you.

You, have the strength. I know you do.

Just like you fell in love with him, by choice,

You have the choice to forget him.

Girl, you deserve much better. Don’t you?

If he was meant to leave, why’d he be perfect for you?

I know you’ve been coping up with a lot of things, and this is one thing that’d never get out of your mind
But, you know how our body has a tendency to heal the wounds all by itself, if you just let it be.

So girl, just let it be.

And don’t give him the chance to rip your heart out again.

When he comes knocking on your door;

Slam the door on his face

And don’t ever open it, no matter how much sorry he is.

Cause, if he wanted to stay, he would’ve stayed.

And not left you, ever.
So, girl.

Tell him that you don’t need a spurious human  like him, and if he asks you someday about how you are,

Tell him that you’ve never been so happy.

Don’t let him ruin that happiness.

I want you to be stronger, bolder, and immensely braver.
“Nothing makes people jealous, 

Than seeing others happy without them.”


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