Guard Yourself

“It all goes away;

The pain, the suffering, the agony,

The feeling, the emotions attached to it.

The person doesn’t stay, as well.”


What stops you?  Tell me what holds you back from reminding yourself that the person has already left, because he/she doesn’t deserve you.

Feel sorry for them, and not for yourself. They lost all the love they could ever get.

Let me remind you of something.

Don’t you always hear the line “Don’t grow up it’s a trap”?

You remember how  you were as a child: carefree, happy-go-lucky, buoyant, and unbothered. No matter how many times you fell on the ground, it never bothered you, in fact it made you realize, that falling down is the only key to walking perfectly.

You turn into an adolescent then. Puberty hits you. Love rushes in your veins. You’re young enough to understand anything and everything. Not coming home until you’re satisfied with roaming around. Arguing with your parents. Making new friends, losing them, being traumatized, about the fact that they left. Break-ups, gossips, rumors, flirting, cursing people and what not.

(I know you’re remembering all of this, and everything is just flashing in your mind right now.)

You have come more than ahead, of all these things and you’ve seen yourself grow.

From wearing those nerdy glasses and braces, to wearing lenses and the perfect smile today.

Not just physically. You have grown mentally, as well:

You have survived the first-love trauma. You have forgotten that boy who just used you for his own good. You have smiled through all those tough times when people left you alone. You have crawled up in your bed on days where you felt like you won’t be able to sleep, but you slept anyways. You took a blade and tried ending your life at a point of time, but then you took a pause and thought that it wouldn’t help you ease the pain. You have forgiven yourself for mistakes that you regretted. You have stopped taking shit from people. You have come so far, defending yourself, fighting strong like a soldier, and not giving up until you defeat your enemies.

If you could do all this by yourself, realize how strong you are today. Undefeated and brave.

That is what you need to remind yourself, of. Forget those who did wrong to you, they do not even deserve your hatred.

Guard yourself, like the kings did when the enemies tried to capture them and their kingdoms. Like the tiger marks it’s territory and make sure no other tiger enters it.

No, I am not telling you to stop communicating with everyone. NO.

Know your limits. Know who’s trustworthy; know who your enemy is. Stop yourself from falling into traps. Keep your weapon ready if someone tries to break your shield, and bring them down because they tried to do so.

Build your fences, and don’t let the trespassers get in.”


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