Who runs the world? 

To all those girls who are embarrassed in front of everyone just because they’re weak.

To all those girls who are scared to pursue what they’re passionate about.

To all those girls who spend entire nights about thinking what could’ve been.

To all those girls who had their heart broken into pieces.

Pieces; that are lost already.

To all those girls who prefer getting dressed up because they do it for themselves, and not for BOYS .

To all those girls who’ve been labelled as “sluts” because they’re comfortable around boys.

To all those girls who are being judged on what they wear.

To all those girls who crawl up into their beds and comfort themselves by saying: “It happens, its life.”

To all those girls who do not like to dress up, and are beautiful even without make up

To all those girls who tried to kill themselves

To all those girls who think they’re fat,and they need to lose weight
This to all those girls who think they’re not beautiful, just because they didn’t get a boyfriend.
No, girl.

Think about all those times when you’ve shown so much courage, when someone tried to turn you down.

And compare yourself.

Do you realise how much potential you have?

You’re a combination of beautiful and bold.
So what? If you do not have a boyfriend?

Let me remind you what is the benefit that you receive.

1. You get to go on long rides with yourself

2. You get to hangout all the time and forget that your phone even exists sometimes

3. You get all the right compliments from a large chunk of people rather than one

4. You’ve got haters, but somebody right there, has fallen for that wonderful smile of yours.

Don’t let yourself down. Don’t apologise for things you haven’t done just to save a relationship. Don’t try to grab a boyfriend just because everyone else has one.

Being alone; and contented is the best feeling.
So girl, motivate yourself to do more, push your limits, “haters? what’re they?”, make a difference by making people happy, and choose yourself over anybody in this world.
Girl, you’re a born survivor. Stay strong, and love fiercely.

Because girls, run the world.


2 thoughts on “Who runs the world? 

  1. Gosh! Priyanshiii❤ this was so amazing. Every single word, every single statement that you have written, was so much to relate with. Each time I read these , I went back to what I feel. How it is so difficult to sometimes just get up and fall in the line. But later you realise, it’s not about falling into the line but its all about, making your own! Thanks for this girll! Amazingly written! 💙

    Liked by 1 person

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