As a child, I was always taught how to keep doing things that keep you happy.

As an adolescent, I was told to hold on to people who make you happy.

As an adult, I experienced everything.

I held each and every hand that saw the best in me, made me smile on my worst days. I held every hand that healed all my wounds, ignored all my flaws and accepted me. I held those hands that would wipe my tears off.

These hands did not take much time to let go of MY hand.

“I’m attached to you.”

When someone says this, it feels like someone is poking you so hard that you feel your bones cracking. Hits you right in your head and goes straight to the heart. In the brain it feels like this person is speaking the truth and you should believe in people when they say something genuinely. But then it went to my heart after a span of time, and then it made a deeper cut in there.

But now, it feels like these words hit the walls that you’ve built and do not affect you. This phrase does not affect you anymore because it has been used quite enough, which makes it impossible for you to believe in these words.

There comes a time when you stop believing in people and start believing that everything is fiction. Nothing comes out as real. You trusted everybody at a point of time but your trust has been broken so easily that you do not understand the concept of ‘trust’, anymore.

What hits me harder is the fact that we fail to ignore all the people who really care about us, and we keep running behind those whom we think we need. We fail to notice all the efforts that these people make for us. It works like a cycle, the karma cycle.

The person who cares a lot about you keeps running after you, and you keep running after people who consider your efforts valueless. This cycle never stops.

Attachments lead to disappointments, always.

Free yourself from all these attachments as soon as you can, as fast as you can. No one is going to be completely yours. Everything that exists here changes at the speed of light, and nothing is meant to stay. Believing in somebody so much that you’d give everything you’ve ever had to that one person is the worst mistake you could make.

You failed to understand me. I could have crossed these seas of misunderstandings for you.

You never realized that I was always there for you, waiting near the sea shore; when you kept running after people who never gave a damn about you.


6 thoughts on “Attachments

  1. So true ..It takes real efforts to build that sort of attachment but sometimes you may lose out on that feeling in a moment too when you just know its worthless to feel for the undeserving ones 🙂

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