Don’t stop dreaming

When you’re awake

You fight with this entire world

But once you fall asleep;

You fight with the real world

Your world of dreams.


Are dreams a way of showing everybody the truth of their lives in different ways?

The daydreams that occur to you are the pleasant thoughts about your life and future with your conscious mind.

The lucid dreams that occur to you are those dreams that wake you up from your sleep, because you’re literally living the moment in your dream.

The nightmares are the worst kind of dream, because they wake you up in a state of panic and you can’t stop thinking about it, which doesn’t let you sleep again.

These 3 kinds of dreams happen to everyone, almost everybody who has a powerful subconscious mind. These things keep you alive, but kill you at the very same time.

What do we do then? Let go? Or ponder upon them?

We try to let go, of these nightmares that do not let us sleep. But what we actually do is we keep thinking about these nightmares the most. The more we try to distract ourselves from these nightmares, the more we’re being pulled towards them. We get nightmares about the things that scare us the most, the things that we keep avoiding and the things we do wrong.

We keep pondering upon the lucid dreams and the daydreams, which make us, contended. These dreams that give us a small instance about a happy incident, but they’re gone away too fast. We like looking towards the happier side of things, always, because of this human nature that we possess, which is what makes us even weak.

Nightmares last long, but these lucid and daydreams occur for the shortest span of time.


As human beings, we have always been selfish and we have always been taught to look at the positive side of any dream, occurrence or instance. We have never learnt to face these negativities which form a part of our life. We have not been taught that every event has a negative side to it, so do dreams.

Dream for things which you think are intractable for you. Dream for things that you feel are impractical, or maybe impossible to be achieved. These dreams will give you nightmares, each night that you have these small thoughts in your subconscious mind before you’re off to bed.

When you start achieving a small part, each passing day, there’ll be a lot less number of nightmares that’ll occur to you. These nightmares will start becoming lucid dreams, those dreams where you’re living your life, those moments that you’ve been thinking about, the entire day.

That is it. It is all that exists in this little mind of ours. The mind must have the capacity to convert these negative thoughts to positive ones in the conscious mind, itself. So that when your mind is idle, the subconscious mind has all these powerful, affirmative thoughts that form a part of your lucid dreams.

Become what you’ve always wanted to. Nightmares, lucid dreams, daydreams, it is all in the mind. Train your mind in a manner that nothing affects you. Visualize things that others can never ‘dream’ about. And instruct your mind to do it, and show the world who you really are.

I know you have the potential to change this entire world. I know it. You have been going through a lot, lately. But now, it is your time to do this, to show your strengths, and your power. Be the person that everyone dreams about becoming, but they sure as hell cannot even compare to you.

Who cares what people are going to say when you are going to rise above all of their dislike, and resentment, by just controlling this part of your body, your brain?






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