The girl with a smile

She was falling for him even without knowing. It never occurred to her that , he would someday mean so much to her.

It’s said, good things take time and he was that good thing that would make her smile.

Her smile,Β it’s one of those things you would always find, but with him she’s just amazingly fine.

It’s not how they met, and how he made her fall for him. But it’s about the instant connect she felt when they met.

One never gets to choose the life they live. But you get to choose the man of your dreams.

It’s hard to say, he’s the one. But at least she knows, he’s always there for her. That’s what she always wanted, someone who’s besides her, all the time.

Her smile, it showed how happy he made her feel. His voice, was heavy, full of love for her.

She was sad, cause she was leaving. He made it hard for her to leave.

Love, they say, is blind. But little do these birds know, that such love is rare to find.


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