Ask me, how I’ve been

Ask me how I have been

Make me feel like you care,

If you can’t,

Don’t ask me why I don’t share things.

People pretend like they care, but they never did, and they never will.

These kind of people are the ones that damage you the most. Yes, the most.

They are the ones you believe in the most, out of everybody that exists in your life, they are the ones you feel like going to when you feel lost. They are the ones who will never fail to make you smile, and they’re the ones who always showed you the right path when you lost your way.

But suddenly, it all fades away. Nobody notices but you do. You notice everything. By everything, I mean every single thing. The way they’ve stopped communicating with you, the way they’ve stopped meeting you, giving the lamest of excuses, the way they’ve not been asking you where you have been if they don’t see you for some days. Everything goes the opposite way.

No wonder people change so often. You always try to figure things out; you keep a lot to yourself since they’ve stopped listening to you. You stop saying things your mind has been loaded with all this time.

Instead, you go out there, sit alone at your favorite coffee shop, read your book, look around, and smile at random strangers who still look even more familiar than your own friends.

So, do it. Don’t wait for people to always hold you back. It breaks you down in the long run. Nothing matters more than just spending more time with yourself, away from all the noise of attachments and the pain of being in love. Instead get a lot more attached to yourself, and take the pain of loving yourself so immensely that no person ever can take that one feeling away from you, no matter how important he/she becomes to you someday.

It isn’t always people who will be able to make you smile, or guide you through this journey called life. It is a lot more about how you find the right path, choose it, and walk through it. Self dependency is the best, being dependent on others will leave you halfway on paths you never wanted to choose for yourself.

After all, it’s you. It has always been you. Nobody can ever take anything away from you until you give them the power to. Give yourself a lot more power, and rise above all this hatred. 


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