The moment of happinessย 

People say,  Happiness will surely knock at  your door once it is ready to make a comeback. But, is it really that? Do you think that happiness knocks at your door? And does it knock very often? The answer is probably a NO. Why would happiness knock at your door? Happiness is something that one [...]


Who is she?ย 

Where on one hand a lady works throughout the night to earn for her family , people take it the wrong way.When mangoes are three and people four , a mother sacrifices it by saying she doesn't like them anymore , children still don't realise her positivity. She is that eptiome of strength and courage [...]


The wind that blows todayย Will take all your pain away So open up to this beautiful sight And let the wind Carry the change You want to be. Compulsions and insecurities might be Trust is actually that you need False appearances are everywhere Fact is what you always see. Let yourself totally free To the [...]