Who is she? 

Where on one hand a lady works throughout the night to earn for her family , people take it the wrong way.When mangoes are three and people four , a mother sacrifices it by saying she doesn’t like them anymore , children still don’t realise her positivity.

She is that eptiome of strength and courage blended together , heroism and passion adding to the beauty with brains that may set the stage on fire.


Sometimes when you are totally irritated, you have no idea of what you are blabbering.

Rifting the silence in me you do hurt me a billion times.

I stand there thinking that it’s only for an ounce of time and then you may come back to normalcy.

But you keep on screaming and taunting. That moment makes me feel that you were born only to be sarcastic enough to let people move out and ask no one to come in.

Sometimes your words act as if a dagger being set into operation and you working hard to make it a success.

The truth is if your life is akin to hatred , my is related to the other.

A society where everyone is judged by their clothes.

Where slut is when there is a short dress, tomboy is when jeans come up.

Where ethical is for sarees, characterless is for skirts.

Cooking and cleaning is not they have come to this earth for.

Once where she learnt to walk from has to be left once she is married.

Arriving among strangers she finds her new family.

In this male chauvinistic world , we still have some men who respect everyone irrespective of what gene each belongs to.

It’s not always women , men too get affected.

It’s not that “she” is alone , there’s a he in between too.

Just that realisations hit hard and people get to know it later that gender biasness is prevailing but justice invites a greater notice.

It’s not a message to say you who is more powerful. It’s not a comparison to make you feel that you might have been wrong since years.

Both are humans. Both have their own freedoms.

Never wish for being a guy when you don’t acheive what you should. Everything happens for a reason.

Never dream of being a woman because that orthodox mind won’t make you successful.

Just that both genders are sensitive on their own parts. Both live in a same place where respect is what one wants. So let’s stop drawling about women only and design a place where justice is what both receive.

-In collaboration with my talented friend and writer, Bhawna Agarwal.


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