The moment of happiness 

People say, 

Happiness will surely knock at  your door once it is ready to make a comeback.

But, is it really that? Do you think that happiness knocks at your door? And does it knock very often?

The answer is probably a NO.

Why would happiness knock at your door? Happiness is something that one just gets from doing something, good!

You do not wait for it, you instead grab every opportunity to have that feeling.

Therefore, there’s no such thing as “comeback of happiness”. But there’s always a “moment of happiness” that you experience when you have done something really good, something that made a difference in your everyday life! 

Things may not come when you expect it but that’s not the case with happiness. You can have it whenever you want. So, do all that you can without expecting that things go your way. 

You may just get lucky and get your, moment of happiness. 

“Grab opportunities, make memories and have your moment of happiness.”


15 thoughts on “The moment of happiness 

    1. Does happiness even exist? What if i do something good for someone yet i am unhappy!
      Happiness is just for few seconds in everyone’s life! No one is just really happy in their life! No one says ‘I lived my life happily’ while closing eyes for forever!


      1. And that’s because, you never stop expecting from your life. Life is never going to give you what you want easily. So either you crib about it or forget it and be happy about what you have.


  1. Well! Happiness in itself is such a huge feeling! Ever really wondered about the neurons and the reactions that goes into creating this happiness? *wonders*
    Yes, happiness does exist! And truely stated in your writings to seize the moment and squeeze the happiness off it! Lovely article 👌🏻✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those neurons and the reactions that take place, is something we’ll never understand. Too deep. But yes, what we can understand is that , we surely contribute to such reactions! After all we create them!❤ thankyouuuu✔😘


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