How I deal with sadness

Bad grades. Fights with a friend. Family issues. Hating yourself. Heartbreaks. Ex issues. Missing somebody. Work load Monotonous routine life.
Sometimes, we feel sad and unwanted due to any of these reasons, or maybe more reasons like these.

I’ve been there too. And it is so difficult to get these kind of things out of your mind,because you’re made up of all this until you’re alive. These are the things that make sense to us, and few of the many reasons why we are here today.

Its next to impossible to distract yourself from occurrences like these and move on.
But let me tell you something. Let me tell you what I do.
Have you ever thought about how many people exist in this world? Approximately 7.4 billion people exist on this planet called earth.

Not everybody has everything.

Some people have disabilities, some people deformities, some are orphans, some struggle to earn for their living, some don’t even have people, some people are killed ruthlessly, some people are treated inhumanly.

I think about all these people, and wonder how much I have in comparison to them. I have everything. A family, friends, educational source, financial stability, and what not.

These things that we’re usually sad about, are not even things.

There are so many people out there who battle their deformities and disabilities and are happier.

There are so many people who’re happy despite living below the poverty line, and so many kids who are brighter in spite of lack of resources to study.

Then why are you sad? You have such an amazing gift called life, full of opportunities gifted to you.
Learn from people like them, who CREATE an opportunity for themselves, and don’t wait for one.

Learn from them, the art of finding happiness in the smallest things.

Learn, from them how they’ve made their mark in the society.

Learn, and don’t give up on your life due to stupid reasons.

Life has ways to show you what is important and what isn’t.
Be thankful and thoughtful. Find happiness in the smallest things. Keep smiling, spread happiness.

And lastly;

Don’t care. People will always try to tear you apart. But you know you’re fire. Nobody can even dare, to touch your firing soul by their words which are mere wooden planks, which will get burnt in your soul’s fire.

Don’t care. Just, don’t.Β 


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