Social media, a boon?

Snapchat. Instagram. Whatsapp. AskFM. These are our daily games, aren’t they? I remember playing ‘outdoor’ games with my neighbors back then, when we did not have these smartphones, nor those normal phones. We used to meet face-to-face each day, and not Snapchat each other. We used to make memories. And not click pictures just to [...]


What reminds me of you

These sunsets  Remind me of you These clear waters Remind me of you Those mountains Remind me of you This blue sky Reminds me of you The green grass where  We once sat Reminds me of you Why does it always Bring me back to A place where I don’t belong? To a place which [...]

Life is tough 

"I've had enough of it.""I don't believe in this shit." Aren't these phrases too familiar? To us, yes they are. These are those very phrases we all use these days. These phrases are the ones that come up in our mind when anybody tries to ask us certain questions about a certain set of relationships [...]