Life is tough 

“I’ve had enough of it.”“I don’t believe in this shit.”

Aren’t these phrases too familiar?

To us, yes they are. These are those very phrases we all use these days.

These phrases are the ones that come up in our mind when anybody tries to ask us certain questions about a certain set of relationships which didn’t work out well.

These are those phrases that we tend to speak when we’ve lost all hope in this feeling called love, belief, faith, hope and we feel we’re not worthy of everything.

Who decided that?
Just because you’ve not had a girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t ever make you less of a human being

Just because the person you once loved, didn’t love you back.. Doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful or handsome or that you don’t have a great personality.
When we give this power of deciding what kind of a person we are to the people we live with, we are giving our lives to them.

Who is that person sitting on the other side of the screen, stalking you on Instagram, the one to decide what you post isn’t “cool”?

You don’t post for his satisfaction? You post because you find it “cool”.

And always remember, you’ll never judge yourself in life because of the number of likes on your picture, or number of comments or number of followers you have on any social media platforms.

What makes you a better person, is when you ignore all these unimportant things, and go there and be a good human being and work hard for yourself

So that you can give yourself all those great gifts you’ve been piling up in your “wish lists”

Make a life where you don’t have to look back and have regret about anything you ever did.

Construct a life for yourself. Allow yourself to take new chances. Go out there and meet random strangers, hear them out.. Sometimes hearing them out makes you realise how you’re not the only person who goes through bad phases. Try to motivate people because it’s a blessing to be in somebody’s life and making them realise their potential. If you’re ever left alone, always take the support of books. Reading is the best habit you could ever inculcate, and it opens your mind to think better. Books are like sticks to carry your weight when you become old out of this “tiredness” life gives you. Stay around people who give you positive vibes and around people who support you when you do something possibly great. And not around those people who envy you because you proved yourself to be a better person.

Always, always, and always give yourself the chance to get hurt.
“Just like 

Lotuses grow

Out of  the muddy water

Becoming the most beautiful flower

You need to grow out

Of this dirt around you

Because, the more the dirt

The more the allure.

The stronger the person

The higher the wounds

Because life isn’t meant to be easy

If it was so effortless,

What would be the pleasure 

And excitement 

If it wasn’t challenging?”


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