An appreciation post

Wherever I am today, it’s because of my parents.If it wasn’t them, by my side.. I wouldn’t ever be this.

I am so thankful to god that my parents have never forced me for anything in life, and not even for choosing a career.

And even if I choose the most vague career on this planet, I know my parents will support me.

I have been brought up in the best way.

I love food. If my dad hadn’t taught me the importance of wasting food, I’d be deliberately doing it.

My father always tells me: “The food that you waste, could be a meal for some poor child who’s probably roaming around on the streets right now.”

My father has taught me to taste everything, and not decide whether the food is good or bad without having a bite of it.

If I go to a restaurant today with 10 people, I wouldn’t say no for eating one single thing, because my father has developed these habits and I’m so glad he has helped me inculcate them.

My father has always made me understand that alcohol isn’t good.

He never refuses me to try it, but he knows the limits and he’s right because he has seen the world more than I have.

I cannot put enough words on this paper, to thank my father for being the strongest personality, the superman, the most sensible man, the most hardworking person I’ve encountered.

Thankyou, papa.❀

My mother is the prettiest woman in my life. Seeing her smile because of me is the only thing I want to do.

My mother is my best friend, who knows about everything that I’ve ever been through.

My mother has taught me to cook food, but I know that I’ll never be able to cook the food that she does.

My mother has taught me to learn to recognise people, and to understand that everybody in this world is different, and that things cannot always go the way I want them to.

My mother has taught me to focus on my career right now, rather than trying to search for “the one.”

My mother has promised me to accept my future husband as he will be, the day I find him.

My mother has battled family issues no better than a warrior. I’ve learnt how being calm isn’t very easy, and that being angry is always an option

My mother is my idol, my prettiest lady, and the most successful housewife I’ve ever seen.

My parents are my pillars of strength, and I cannot thank god enough for blessing me with these two beautiful people in my life, the two people, who’ll always be by my side.

I love you two.


13 thoughts on “An appreciation post

  1. Dear….

    You forgot to mention one important thing about your Dad. He has nice and thick moustache… Just kidding.

    Writing is good thing, you can express yourself that way. Even from your today’s writing, 2 words are unknown to me. I need to google. πŸ™‚

    3 things. Please take them positively.
    1. Your Mom is your ideal, not idol. Hopefully, I am not wrong.
    2. God has always ‘G’ capital.
    3. Your writing should have bigger and flowing paragraphs, not individual sentences.

    Good Luck.

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  2. For a daughter.. Her Dad is hero. Every girls love thier dad most, here you mention about yr mom too. Need to keep her pic too if she feel okay then.
    Mother is first and best teacher always. I am very happy that you keep continue writing and this is the best way to express yr feelings love to that person. God bless you. With love… Sonal

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  3. Dear…

    I am back again. I discussed with my wife and daughter about this expression. They got real angry at my earlier comments, with limited vocabulary.. 😊

    I am reverting back my words… πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Good Luck again…


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