Too Strong to be Insecure?

“Strongest girls are insecure”

A strong girl will not let anybody take the shine away from her eyes. A strong girl will never let her high standards set loose. She will carry them everywhere and you will be amazed at how she maintains those high standards along with her  down-to-earth attitude.

She will not let people who are like the snow that comes with the season, stay and darken her life. But at the same time, she will not let her closed ones be taken away from her easily.

Respecting her in any relationship is the most important ingredient one will require to be with her and she will never forget how you treat her. She will surely forgive you for your acts but will never forget your acts and yet let you be in her life.

She will love everyone even if in return what she gets is utter pain and loneliness but will always let go of her pain, because she is supposed to be “strong” always.

She will be the shoulder you would like to lay your head on, the hand that you will never want to leave and the hug that will set you free from your pains.

She will be the strongest person you will ever meet!

But how can you say that she can not be weak? and insecure?

You are the one who makes her weak, who makes her feel insecure!

When she loves you and gives you all her attention, all she wants is little drops of love to be showered upon her, but what she gets instead is insecurity, why?  Because you don’t love her back enough.

When you let her feel that she is too strong to shed few tears and set free the pain she’s going through and that only the weaker ones cry, you make her feel weak. After all, she’s ought to be strong, always. 

When you do not support her but everyone else, she’s insecure.

She may be the strongest girl but she deserves to be loved and feel insecure when that does not happen. Give her your time, your attention, your love. Make her feel that she is just as important to you as you are to her!

Let her be strong but don’t judge her for her insecurities. Everyone comes with their  sets of baggage and so does she. She has accepted yours, so accept hers!

” I have insecurities as well, but I don’t hangout with people who point them out to me”

                                        –  Adele


One thought on “Too Strong to be Insecure?

  1. This reflects …Lines…n words explains us best…It is written most beautifully…As it is written by a girl same as described…Strong n insecure at the same time…

    Liked by 1 person

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