It’s like this magnet.

A magnet that’s attached in the head;

Which keeps attracting all the negative vibes

That the mind keeps getting.

This magnet is too strongly rooted

To be removed.

It takes a lot of strength,

Courage, and patience

To get it out

It attracts anxieties, panics,

And a series of disease

That we probably don’t even know of.
The magnet has attracted so many instances

That now it needs to be detached

From its roots.

The mind cannot do it alone,

It requires the fearlessness

Of the heart, soul and the entire body

In fact, a harmony of them all.

It’s easy to tell somebody:

“It’ll be okay”

When sometimes we don’t even look at signs

That point towards the attractiveness of so many negative thoughts & things.

We all, in this little world of ours;

Need to get this magnet out of people’s heads.

The magnet, which calls itself “Depression”

Sometimes we have to stop being selfish and ask people

About their conditions.

People face a lot more than we think they do.

So stop complaining about this world not being a better place,

Because, my friend.

You never really tried to make it a better place.

Picture courtesy : Umang Shah.


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