Feminism is the word.

Yes, you read it right. Feminism is what I will talk about today.

I know I haven’t been writing anything at all since a long time because I was figuring out what to do with my entire life that is remaining, and I was stuck.

I’m back at writing again, something that keeps me alive.

I have recently been reading Osho’s book called “The Book Of Man”, and how lucky am I to be reading it, because Osho is one of the authors and person who doesn’t need to write things indirectly to make you understand about how things work. He explains every minimal thing with logic, and that logic always makes sense.



In India, there are religious scriptures, like Manu Smriti, 5,000 years old, and they suggest that if you want to have peace in your house, giving a good beating to the woman once in a while is absolutely necessary. She should be kept almost imprisoned. And that’s how she has lived—- in different cultures, different countries, but her imprisonment has almost been the same. And because man wanted to prove himself SUPERIOR. Remember, whenever you want to prove something, that means you are not that thing. A real superiority needs no proof, no evidence, no witness, no argument. A real superiority is immediately recognized by anybody who has even a small amount of intelligence. The real superiority has its own magnetic force.

 Because men condemned women—and they had to condemn her to keep her in control—they reduced her almost to a subhuman category. What fear must have led man to do this? —because it is sheer paranoia. Man continuously compares and finds woman superior. For example, in making love to a woman, a man is very inferior because he can only have one orgasm at a time while the woman can have at least half a dozen, a chain — multiple orgasm. Man simply feels utterly helpless…”

-(Osho, 2002)

You can buy the book here: The Book Of Man – Osho


This is just a part of how he explains why women have been condemned. I am not saying after this entire part, that the men have always been superior. NO.

Some things people need to know:

  • Feminism is neither women empowerment, nor suppression of men.
  • A feminist is not always a lady, that you’re picturizing in your mind right now, YES EXACTLY THAT ONE who wears a saree, a huge bindi and acts all “bossy”
  • A man, can always be a feminist, because he wants both sexes to be treated equally
  • Feminism doesn’t point at ruining men and their lives, it just purely means treating both sexes equally and not suppressing any ONE sex
  • Feminism doesn’t mean ‘women will rule the world’ or ‘men will rule the world’ kind of things



If you ask me, I have a simple answer.

Feminism is the pathway to equality between both genders, their choices, their rights, their freedom. It’s a bridge between the two genders that needs to be built, or else we’ll always end up suppressing one gender.

In simple words, feminism means equality.

And not suppression of one particular gender.

But the basic idea behind it was always taken in a wrong manner, because exactly how Osho quoted it, this condemning of women has been going on since years, and it is conditioned in the human mind.


Men? They’re the ones who stop women?

OBVIOUSLY NOT. Women themselves have accepted that they’ll have to live in a particular manner or else it’ll not be good for her. But for whom is she doing that?

It is not always that men have been the ones who have been dominating, or narrow-minded.

It is how women have conditioned themselves after seeing their moms/grandmothers/aunts, and that’s how this chain begins, and it never has an end until a feminist voice rises.

Men have been conditioned too.


  • “Boys don’t cry”
  • “Mard ko dard nahi hota”
  • “Choreographer? Dancing is a hobby for girls. Earn something, go and study”
  • “Thoda body-vody bana? Ladkiyan kaise pategi?”
  • “Sad hota hai? Ladki hai kya?”
  • “Padhega nahi, toh ladki kaise milegi? Paisa kama thoda sa, ghar chalana hai tujhe”
  • “Ladko ko humesha ladkiyon ke liye bills bharne chahiye, achha nahi lagta na beta”


Boys have been conditioned too. To be the stronger one, to always be the ‘peacemaker’ + the ‘earner’ in the family.

But why? Isn’t he a human too?


Have we ever wondered how difficult our dad’s lives are?

He works for entire days, and sometimes nights too. But when he comes home he has to listen to everyone’s demands and complaints from the entire day.


We always keep appreciating our mothers for what they do and how much they deserve.

But just because we don’t see our dads working, we forget to do so.


Boys are HUMAN BEINGS. Filled with love, hatred, sadness, emptiness, joy, tears.

Men are termed as “WEAK” if they cry.


If they were never supposed to cry, why were they even blessed with tear glands?

Men in these times, have stopped showing their emotions and feelings and love, because they’ll be termed as something which they’re not.



It’s high time we realise what we do to each other. As different sexes.

We need to let ourselves grow, and develop and experience what life gives us. Not what society explains to us according to their ideas.

We have our own thoughts, feelings, opinions.


WE, have to support each other. We’re human beings, just blesses with certain important and different characteristics, and we lack one or the other characteristic. Yes we do.

But that one characteristic is always in the other sex,

Which can help us in making this world a better place to live in,

Where there are less rapes,

And more of love-making.

Where there are less fakes,

And more originals.

Where we’re not stopped from expressing

But we’re told to express our feelings, openly.

Where marriage isn’t the only goal in life,

There’s much more that life has to show us.

Where both sexes don’t have right over the other,

That’ll be a world with feminists,

And yes, a world filled with equality.


Be yourself. You’re a beautiful person. Your sex doesn’t define your choices. You choose whatever you want to be. Nobody can take that freedom from you. Experience things, make mistakes, fall a hundred times, but learn and get up as the strongest. Because you, there. You matter, whether you’re a man, a woman you matter because you are a human.


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