Equality is what we need

Sacrificing your freedom Just because you were born as a girl Not being able to raise your voice In front of men, because they would rape you Wearing clothes according to what The society considers as “decent” Choosing careers that your parents think Is safer for you Not being able to travel Or choose a [...]



None of us really moves on If we gave our heart to this One person, Who made our life better In ways we couldn't imagine We just become heartless Enough To never be heartbroken again Maybe that's why We're all so unhappy With ourselves Because we've forgotten That being heartless Makes you worse, Not stronger. [...]


I know we’re not lovers anymore, We pushed each other to the end. But still, I hope when our eyes meet, We still have that sparkle we first had When we saw each other I hope when we run into each other And we’ll be with someone else, But we won’t feel awkward to introduce [...]

Loving me

You touched my body,But not my soul. You got into my brain, But not my mind You made me smile, all the time But you never made me happy. You liked me, You just couldn't love me You talked to me, But you never expressed yourself You said I was hot and sexy, Never beautiful [...]